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Ribbon: Holly the Squirrel by BlazingBlueflash Ribbon: Holly the Squirrel by BlazingBlueflash
Oh joy, it #27 for the Ribbon Project, and I've got more than that coming.

Its also Eyes # 14 of this guessing game up listed below.

*First Column, Second Box.*

To :iconfreaksofwar:, by far one of the most inventive creator of character i've seen to date. Noted mostly by her love for the not-forgotten Ray the Squirrel, she dabbles in many obtuse and visionary forms of her style such as the twisty art and remakes of your characters in her vision. Spontaneous with her art and will never slow down. She's also a very sweet person, deserving of all the praise and friend's she obtained from now and in the future. A great friend to have. I need to draw for her more, that loser did like 30 pictures of me!!

This look for her was based off another gift given to her by another of my friends :iconanime-chika:. She renamed her "Lilo" but I'll call her WHATEVER I FEEL LIKE!!

Question: Does she look lengthy to you guys? She's laying on her back with her legs up, but I think they look a tad long. Your opinion?

Hope you all enjoy!!!

Comments are appreciated.

+Visit :iconmobiusribbonco:#MobiusRibbonCo For more on this picture and other drawings from members.+

Materials: 3h - 4b sketch pencils. Primsacolors. Sakura Micron Pens.

Holly (Lilo) - :iconfreaksofwar:~freaksofwar
Art (c) - Me
freaksofwar Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2011
Tangerina Delilo! You drew her with such grace and poise! Sol would definably be want to get a hold of this just so he can embarrass her with it! But nether the less I think I'll use her old name as an alias. I don't the legs are too long to they are actually quite nice and have a wonderful curve to them... *laughs*

Thank you very much! *hugs*
BlazingBlueflash Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
....Tangerina?....See, that's what I'm talking about with that unique stuff XDDD!!! Call "her" whateva you like, becuz I'll just call her you lol!!!

NO problem!! *hugs* I hoped you would like it!!
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