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December 20, 2010
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Dec 20, 2010, 9:09:05 AM
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Ribbon: Cassie the Manx Cat by BlazingBlueflash Ribbon: Cassie the Manx Cat by BlazingBlueflash
Hey everyone!! Incoming #23 for the Ribbon Project, and I've got more than that coming.

Its also Eyes # 10 of this guessing game up listed below.

*Top Left Corner*

Before I start, i've noticed that my coloring has a lot of problems in a many places if you didn't notice. I think its due to the fact that I let these drawings just sit in the folder I keep all my ribbon drawings in after I've sketched them. The dust from all the drawings spreads and embeds itself into the paper, making it dirtier. I'm going to just start to draw and ink all in one day, to help maximize cleaner drawings. That, and I need to practice more :iconimhappyplz:

Alrighty then!!! If you got a look up there you can see the gift i've made for my dear friend :iconcassiethecat:~cassiethecat, who I feel I've been avoiding till I got this picture done for her. That and the continuous factor that I suck at keeping up with my friends on DA. I hope this will make up for it Cassie!!

If you ever get a chance to talk to her, she's a great gal!! She has an interesting taste in games as well, Oddworld being her top choice. Go chat with her when given the time, you won't regret it.

Thank you and enjoy!!!!

Comments would help!!!

Cassie (c) - :iconcassiethecat:~cassiethecat
Art (c) - Me
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Freakova Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2010  Hobbyist
Don't think you need to draw me things to make up for friendship and stuff. You are already my mate. :cuddle: We've both been busy with work and stuff.
pfft anyway....
:ohnoes: OH MY! CASH! Get your clothes on! jeezz, I hope she hasn't been running around like that for long.
But seriously, This is rather amusing. And cute. :XD: The colouring is just fine. Beautiful infact. It's pastle like and makes the image look more graceful. :aww:
Rofl, Not one to see/draw this type of thing. But pfft. I thank you for not striping her completly. LOL! :lmao:
Love her pose too. You've certinaly improved with poses. ALOT. :D So well done. :boogie:
Thank you very much for the gift hun. :heart::hug:

ODDWORLD. TOP CHOICE. YESSSS. :iconexcitedplz:
BlazingBlueflash Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2010
CASSIE!!! Your here!! *glomps face*

Awww, don't worry! I really just drew this because I though about yah lol! It was a long time ago that I drew this gift, I kid you not. It ended up pretty awesome though!!! Its the last thing to fill in the slot of my Ribbon folder book that I keep. You got your own page lol.

I don't draw naked chara's, it bores me XD. Elegance over lust in my opinion. She also has one of the best poses i've ever drawn in like...EVER!!

No prob, no prob!!! And ODDWORLD!!!!
Freakova Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2010  Hobbyist

lmao, Thats fine. :-) I'm glad you're doing ok too. Keeping busy with this project I see? You seem to be into it a lot.

lol, I'm not really one to draw nacked stuff much either. But OHMHGOD. YOU'RE RIGHT. seriously. I can't stand it when people make lust into everything. gwuuud, elegance and cuteness anyday. :XD:
ahaha, I like the pose.

Oddworldzzzzz. :iconhurrplz:
BlazingBlueflash Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2010
Yeah yeah XD. Really it just started off as just mass gifts, then me and my friend Tigger made it into a project, that manifested into a large scale thing. Its super now and getting me some attention from around the site.


heilei Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Haha very smexy there chap XD Nicely done on the shading and general colour scheme by the way <D
BlazingBlueflash Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2010
Heys!!!! Where yah bin my awesome fwiend!!??

And thanks a lot!!! Coloring with Peach looks messy on paper though XD. I should try another brand, but printer paper comes SO cheap for SO many.
heilei Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
I've been fairing well enough thanks XD How've you been chumbucket?

And no problem! XD
BlazingBlueflash Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2010
Pretty cools!!! Just getting ready for the holiday here in AMERICA!!! Oh the tree and the feast of awesomeness!! How's your holiday been though?
heilei Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Haha nice! <D
And not too bad, just been making tails in the free time, working on esonic64's contest entry and all XD
BlazingBlueflash Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2010
Awesome!! Speaking of I gotta finish these contest entries for my friend Marlowe Smith. He's been wondering where they were for the longest.

But What I really wanna do now is just take this picture so I can work on photoshop. I haven't practiced all break XD.
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